ADSL prices seen down as Telecom cuts prices for rival operators 

ADSL prices seen down as Telecom cuts prices for rival operators

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Prague. June 13 (CTK) - Czech fixed-line operator Cesky Telecom said today it would cut all items on its wholesale price list for other operators by CZK 22. feeding hopes that the price of fast Internet connection through ADSL may drop.
The price of the cheapest ADSL connection at 512 kbit/s will drop to CZK 282 from CZK 304 a month. Petr Matejovsky. product manager for the Internet. said the final prices would not drop.
Stanislava Beyerova. spokeswoman for rival operator Volny. said the change was only cosmetic. "We plan to use the drop in wholesale prices to improve the main parameters of the current ADSL services in the future." she added.
Since the beginning of the year. the number of localities in Telecom's network with Internet access through ADSL has increased by 20 percent to 1. which represents more than 90 percent of Czech fixed lines.
Telecom plans massive investment to cover 700 new localities and upgrade the current equipment in the summer and autumn. This year. the company will invest hundreds of millions of crowns in ADSL.
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